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Promo and Demo upload function is now accessible through services tab just fill in the form, don’t forget to put your real email address.

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Congratulations to Smith DJ, who joined our team this year. He is our music compiler and DJ by trade, he made it to the top 10 in The DJ List and is still ranked high.

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We are proud to announce that we have acquired Linux based OS, and experimenting with them. This Distros are made for music production. Check the link below for Downloads. Try it yourself.

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Our team excels in bringing out the organic element that is always missing in music.  We work hard to deliver the results, regardless of the genre of music.

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We are dynamic, we are Shifters, we are are not static, we are Soulshifters! Welcome to our official site. Here we are a team that’s moving with the musical times. If you are looking for freedom in music, bring change, inspire crowds and touch souls with your artistic  music prowess, you have landed at the right page.

If you are an up an coming artist, we will help you reach greater heights. If you are instrumentalist or vocalist , will  help you team up with best bands in the continent.  Our team  of producers and top notch engineers looks forward to making  waves with you, join us and our marketing team will build your brand, into an unforgettable timeless one. We offer wide range of contracts, for DJ’s, Artists, Producers, Engineers, Vocalist even freelancing artist and agents. Best part is you can negotiate your own terms, for your contract deal.


“Catch up with the latest news from our team and friend, visit our Music section to listen to royalty free music and promos from our label and our partners”