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Soulshifters Entertainment  assures you that  :

Soulshifters Entertainment has made some legally binding partnership agreements  with several  media /marketing publishing companies. Therefore  by using our services,   you agree that, we  may  exchange  information or outsource some services with this companies. This agreement will not harm you or your IP property. We also guarantee that during this transactions no personal information, including account details, concerning you as our client would be shared . As our client you get access to other record labels, and you may be bound to collaborate with other artist/producers/ engineers from other stables, that we have formed partnerships with.

We will not be held responsible for , an artist/producers that is contracted to us, who then steals Intellectual property or copies other peoples works.  This is a criminal offence. Soulshifters will distance itself from that particular brand or artist. Should  such matters be taken to court or reported , the artist or brand will be held responsible for committing fraud against the company itself and the  properties real  owner.   

If you would like to report an offence or copyright infringement please email us  at

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