Terms & Conditions please read carefully.

Royalty collection is what makes a label. Depending on the contract you sign,  at Soulshifters we are dynamic, we encourage our artist to learn how to distribute music online. We also help them  realize the benefit digital distribution. If all you want to do is trade/affiliate  under  the name Soulshifters Entertainment we can lay you that deal. Clients who want us to do audio and video distribution only, will retain all their good share of royalties, then will do all the distribution at a fair share of their royalty. Performance rights and   technical rights terms will be stated in  full  on the contract. Agents and DJ details will not be covered here.

We encourage artist to go through SAMRO papers  before considering our contract. This will give you leverage as an artist or instrument player, plus you ill know your right. If you are  lazy or to cool to register your music, we will assign you an agent who will do paper work for you. Here at Soulshifters we normally retrain all musical rights up until the artist  decides to leave us for greener pastures. Then we will then offer to transfer  the rights or even sell them to your next label. All  this depends on the contract you initially sign with us. We are  only retaining  the rights as leverage in case  the brand/artist ends up unmanageable and reckless.

We don’ t offer client long term deals, we different flexible contract. To opt out of our contracts you just have to fill in a non disclosure form, then you contract with Soulshifters will be terminated. Client must be aware of other musical or / IP  rights which depending on the contract and SAMRO papers might remain  with the company. Unlike other companies we are willing to  sell back any IP rights that we might have captured with your consent, or that belong to our our company.      

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